Student Complaint System

AUD values your contributions to the quality of our learning community and the overall university life. Accordingly, we encourage you to communicate any concerns or complaints directly to the person/department/office with whom you have a complaint. If the complaint remains unresolved, you have a right to formalize the complaint with the relevant Dean of the School, Department Chair, or the administrative Director via this online complaint system. For a formal complaint, please log in to start the process. You will receive an update on the status of your complaint via email within five working days.
N.B.: This online complaint system is not applicable to grade appeals or academic standing appeals. For these specific types of complaints, please link to grade or academic standing appeals.

Please enter your username and password (your regular logon for AUD computers) to login. If you have any problems with the login, please contact the IT HelpDesk [+971 4 318 3480]